Venus vaporizer review

Background: I have multiple sclerosis. I use Bedrocan, which is medical cannabis, to alleviate the symptoms of MS and to control the disease. My nickname MS-potilas simply means MS patient.

I mainly use my medical cannabis by vaporizing it with Volcano vaporizer. I have tried also other vaporizers, for example hot air gun constructions, flame heated glass devices, iolite and Vapolution (older version 1.0). Volcano is the "Mercedes-Benz of vaporizers", no doubt, and its biggest problem is the need of electricity (or battery and inverter).

There were no satisfactory vaporizers for mobile use, so I became interested as soon as I heard of the new battery operated Finnish Venus vaporizer. I was hoping that Venus vaporizer could solve some of the problems of other devices, such as:
  • Vapolution and iolite: small filling chamber
  • iolite: not warm enough (about 190 degrees Celsius, not adjustable), does not vaporize everything from plant material
  • Vapolution 1.0 and flame heated devices: correct temperature difficult to achieve, plant material may smoke
After seeing a couple of videos of Venus vaporizer, I ordered the appliance. And then to the tests.

MS-potilas tests the Venus vaporizer

My single dose using Volcano is 0.2 grams of cannabis, so I used the same amount when testing Venus vaporizer. The device came with a prototype filling chamber, and the manufacturer promised to send the actual chamber afterwards, when they have completed machining. Prototype chamber was a bit difficult to handle with my numb fingers. Now I got the real chamber, and it is really good and easy to use. Chamber is filled with pland material, closed, and placed on top of the heating element, then the glass dome is put over the chamber, and then the device is turned on to warm up.

Venus vaporizer uses materials like wood and aluminium. Materials don't affect the operation, but I like the use of wood, in this modern plastic world.

The device has a power/boost button and a temperature adjustment knob. The heating element is a halogen bulb, whose power can be adjusted 0–100 %. The device has an automatic 2 minute preheat at full power, after which the temperature adjustment setting is used. You can see through the glass when the plant material produces vapor.

Most of the pictures are from my older review of Venus vaporizer in Finnish and thus still contain the prototype chamber. But I took two new pictures featuring the new filling chamber, too.

The device was even surprisingly good. Boost button is a good and working invention to increase the temperature while sucking the vapor. The maximum temperature is sufficient (vs. iolite), and not even at 100 % the plant material did not produce smoke (although I wouldn't leave it for long time at 100 % without air flow by sucking). After vaporising with Venus, I tried the same plant material with Volcano, if any cannabinoids were left, but no vapor was produced, everything was evaporated by Venus. The body of the device got a little warm during vaporizing, but not hot, wood is pleasant to hold. For example, iolite gets hotter.


+ portable, relatively small and lightweight
+ adequate filling chamber size (up to perhaps 0.3 grams)
+ a suitable temperature range, neither too cold nor too hot
+ vapor can be seen through the glass
+ silent


- prototype filling chamber was a little hard to use with numb fingers, but the new final filling chamber fixed this problem completely.


After using Venus vaporizer a couple of times, it seems to be a very good vaporizer; I have not tried as good portable vaporizer so far.

For more information about different vaporizers:

A note for Finnish readers / suomalaisille lukijoille:

Sain Venus-vaporisaattorin valmistajalta luvatusti lopullisen pesän, joka on laadukkaasti koneistettu ja kätevä käyttää, myös puutuneilla sormilla. Ei vaadi sen suurempaa näppäryyttä kuin esimerkiksi Volcanon pesä. Pesän saamisen kunniaksi päätin julkaista aiemman Venus-vapojutun englanniksi, päivitetyillä pesätiedoilla ja kahdella uudella kuvalla.

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